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Joy Watson



My name is Joy Watson.  I am a native of Kentucky, currently living in Lancaster, KY.  With 14 years of experience as a Personal Assistant to a private commercial real estate investor, I have gained quite a bit of professional knowledge with the buy/sale process. Three years ago, my brother David Gardner got his realtor license, and I discovered he was quite talented in his new-found profession.  I began asking him questions about the residential side of this business.  Every time I visited Hinesville, I would ask David to take me around to all the properties he had on the market.  We would discuss the differences between the residential & commercial markets, and I quickly decided that I would one day want to become a partner with my brother in real estate.  So, in November of 2019, I began my journey, and obtained my Kentucky license in October of 2020.  With a goal of moving to Hinesville to join my brother, I have applied and have received my license in Georgia, and will be working as a partner with him to give our clients the very best of experiences in the buy/sale process.
I have been married to my husband Robert for 31 years.  I am the proud mother of two incredible adult children, Michael and Marriah; and 2 brilliant grandsons, John & Tony. My favorite hobby is to sing – with my brother David!  I hope to make Hinesville my home very soon, and, until I am there in person, I will work with my brother virtually to give our clients the most professional and seamless buy/sale experience possible.